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          The Impossible Row Reaches Antarctica

          By: Discovery

          Colin O'Brady and his crew have achieved the first human powered row across the Drake Passage.

          December 27, 2019

          Colin O’Brady and his crew have achieved what was once considered impossible - crossing the treacherous Drake passage by row boat.

          In 12 days, the 6-man team traveled over 600 miles of open ocean, battered by intense winds, giant swells, and stormy weather. The expedition tested the mental and physical strength and stamina of the rowers to their limit, all in a 29-foot row boat.

          O'Brady commented on the achievement via Twitter, "Up until a few months ago, I had never rowed a boat. I had never been on the open ocean in any capacity. Today, I’m standing on the shores of Antarctica. You are capable of so much, so much more than you even know. Let go of doubt and start your impossible journey today."

          Photo Gallery

          The Drake Passage – located between the Southern tip of South America and the edge of Antarctica – considered one of the most terrifying and dangerous sea paths in the world. This notorious stretch of water is where the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern seas converge – causing unpredictable conditions and challenges for even the most seasoned Antarctic cruisers and cargo ships.

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